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Cardinal Web Dev

Web Development in 9 weeks

Learn to build your own website with HTML, Javascript, and Python.
You'll build your own Google in no time*

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Every Tuesday from 7-10pm


Arrillaga Wellness Room in Arrillaga Dining Hall


Apply online, no Axess signup.
Due Monday 1/14 11:59pm

Course Topics





Command Line

Git & GitHub

Pair Programming



What is this class?

This class is a crash-course on the practical skills needed to build an interactive website. Learn the basics of web development in the real world taught by students who collectively have 10 years of web dev experience and are heavily involved in the startup world. You will learn the fundamentals, get hands-on programming, and build your own projects by the end of the class. Bring your own computer/charger to class.

When is the class taught?

The class is taught every Tuesday, from 7pm to 10pm. First half will be an interactive lecture and second half will be open time to practice the concepts you've learned.

Where does the class meet?

The class will meet in the Arillaga Wellness Room in Arrillaga Dining Hall. It's on the right side from the main entrance.

Keep in mind NO FOOD ALLOWED, only water.

How do I get in?

Apply by the deadline, Monday 1/14 11:59pm.

What is going to be covered?

We will be covering the broad array of topics above and more.

Are there pre-requisites?

We ask that you've taken at least CS106A, or the equivalent. Because of the short amount of time we have, we're going to focus more on web application specifics rather than general programming skills.

If you've done the JavaScript or Python courses on Codecademy, then you're in good shape.

Are all of the lectures mandatory?

Yes, you're expected to attend if you're accepted.

Who is teaching the class?

See below.


Charlie Guo

Kevin Xu

Kingston Tam

Contact Us

cardinalwebdev-team [at]

*Already know Django and want to help teach? Email us!